Antibiotic Resistance, What You Should Know About

We are hearing a lot about antibiotic resistance now a days. Organizations such as WHO are issuing warning about drug resistant infections.

Antibiotic resistance is talk of the town in health community. WHO and other organizations have shown grave concern on drug resistant bacteria strain. Although experts across the world are working and researching to address the problem, we can play crucial role if we understand what exactly antibiotic resistance is?

Here are some points that we should know at least.

Antibiotic and Food poisoning

Antibiotics are integral part in treating food poisoning. This is a matter of concern for health community.

Antibiotic resistance or Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is matter of concern. Recent announcement by FDA setting up a special task force for antibiotic development shows that agency is taking AMR seriously. However, Antibiotics are not standard or recommended treatment. Fluid therapy is first line treatment for food poisoning. So, there won’t be significant change in treating food poisoning bacteria.

Statistics we should not Fear of

Infections caused by drug resistant bacteria are growing by leaps and bounds across the world. Number of deaths caused by staphylococcus aureus alone is more than the combined number death caused by HIV, emphysema and parkinson’s disease. HAI or Hospital acquired infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria are killing 99 thousand Americans every year.

However, drug resistance is persistent right from the day when penicillin was discovered. We see wide variety and classes of antibiotics. That is because experts have always felt need of new antibiotic.

Antibiotic resistance is growing geographically because of over prescription. Some parts of USA have more drug resistance

Resistance starts getting developed from the very day we take antibiotic. Bacteria begin to get used to the mechanism by which antibiotics kill them. That is how they survive. Unnecessary intake makes bacteria be more acquainted with drug. This eventually leads to drug resistance.

Agriculture usage of antimicrobial is held responsible for resistance. But thanks to awareness, companies are putting great effort on proper use of antimicrobial.

It is less likely that drug resistance infections would become an epidemic.

Some of the recent examples are bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus that has developed drug resistance to methicillin antibiotic. The bacteria has not only resistant to just one drug but resistant to all the drugs that fall into class i.e. betalactam antibiotics.