Can The Food That I Eat Really Increase My Libido?

Can The Food I Eat Really Increase My Libido?

Several studies, reports, and surveys have concluded that there are many different types of foods that individuals can eat to help increase their sex drive, and actually help in restoring sexual function for those suffering with impotence.

The foods that will help to increase your libido will more often than not contain high levels of certain vitamins and minerals. The high concentration of these vitamins and minerals in your system will increase hormone, testosterone, and nitric oxide levels resulting in increase blood flow.

What is the libido anyway?

According to Webster, the libido is our emotional or psychic energy derived from primitive biological urges and is usually goal orientated. In layman’s terms, it’s a person’s sex drive, which is a measure of certain hormones like testosterone. Believe it or not, we all have our own personal levels of libido. Your personal level changes day to day as a result of psychological, social, and in some cases organic factors. Conditions on the job, misunderstandings with friends, family, and with your own partner, will all lower your sexual desire and libido. Your mental state within the relationship is key. If you are unhappy within the relationship, always angry about something, it becomes difficult to desire your partner. You must remind yourself that relationships are not just a body thing, but also a Mind And Body Thing. Seek to get in touch with both the mind and body of your partner.

Foods that you may want to consider eating to increase your libido:

1) Raw Oysters known for their high zinc content which raises the testosterone and sperm production.

2) Avocado known for it’s high levels of folic acid and vitamin B6 along with potassium contributes to increasing libido.

3) Bananas known to be rich in potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which are real necessary for sex hormone- testosterone production.

4) Pomegranate known for increasing sex drive. Scientists have found that drinking pomegranate juice can actually increase sex drive.

5) Almonds and nuts our a great source of essential fatty acids which can provide the raw material for a man’s ability to produce healthy hormones.

6) Eggs known for the vitamins B5 and B6 help reduce stress and balance hormone levels.

7) Sweet Basil, some believe will stimulate the sex drive and boost female fertility

8) Asparagus is rich in vitamin E which some consider to stimulate the production of testosterone.

9) Figs are high in amino acids which can possibly increase your sexual stamina

10) Turkey, Cheese, and brown rice are great sources of zinc which contributes to testosterone production

11) Liver, which is a great source of Glutamine, may contribute as well in increasing the libido.

12) Salmon, along with other fish are a great source of essential B vitamins.